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Lake Island Ltd.

Lake Island Ltd.

Commercial cum Residential Complex

Apartment Sizes:

1575 Sft.

1710 Sft.

1820 Sft.

Commercial Space:

391 Sft. to 871 Sft.

The “D-KC Dey Grand castle” will encounter something striking. The complex will be surrounded by greenery for its aesthetic beauty from all sides. It’s secured & decorative gate which will give you the feeling of elegance. Assorted flora behold a soothing sight in combination with the modern outlook of the building. Each exterior of the “D-KC Dey Grand Castle” promises and sophisticated interior.

The design of a building and its location is undoubtedly the most important component of a HOME. Considering upon the above, we have designed the “D-KC Dey Grand Castle” to take advantages of natural lighting. The structural and architectural design of the building has been made keeping adequate spacious open spaces wherein you will enjoy fresh and gentle breeze in all times. Each unit also designed emphasizing privacy and comfort.

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